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  2. Titan
    Canine Aqua Therapy
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    Senior Swim
  4. Derby
    Derby conditioning
  5. Boozer
    Boozer balancing
  6. Fritt
    Fritt playing

at Riverside Veterinary Hospital

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Derby Conditioning

Referring Veterinarians

At Riverside Veterinary Hospital, we saw a need among our patients for canine aquatic therapy and rehabilitation. So we opened Riverside Rehab, offering pre- & post-surgical conditioning, weight loss, sports conditioning, senior wellness and just fun swims for the improvement of our patients overall health and lives. And we would like to extend these services to your patients!
Riverside Rehab services are auxiliary to your practice. We care about your relationship with your client and refer all general medical services, such as recheck exams and radiographs, back to you.
Seeing ourselves as partners in the care of a shared patient, we are happy to provide progress reports and a final assessment.

How to Refer a Client