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    Canine Aqua Therapy
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    Senior Swim
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    Derby conditioning
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    Boozer balancing
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    Fritt playing

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    How long will my dog swim?
    The length of swim time will depend on your dog. The average session is 15 minutes, however, some dogs may only be able to swim 5 or 10 minutes during their first few sessions. As your dog's endurance increases, so will his swim times.
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    What do I bring?
    You will want to bring some towels, non-slip shoes, your dog's favorite toy, and some extra clothes. Don't forget your camera, you'll definitely want to take some pictures!
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    Can I swim with my dog?
    No, due to insurance restrictions, you will not be allowed to swim with your dog. A member of our staff will be in the water with your dog.
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    What is water temperature?
    The water temperature is kept between 90 and 93 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmth of the water helps alleviate soreness and stiffness. It also helps increase circulation, allowing for faster healing and muscle relaxation.
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    Do I need an appointment or can I just bring my dog and swim?
    Whether you dog is swimming for rehabilitation or just for fun, you will need an appointment.
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    My dog seems stiff after swimming, is this normal?
    It is completely normal for your dog to develop some aches after swimming. Being in the water requires them to use muscles that may not get much of workout on land. As your dog continues to swim, his endurance will increase and the aches will disappear.
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