1. Bux
  2. Titan
    Canine Aqua Therapy
  3. Stitch
    Senior Swim
  4. Derby
    Derby conditioning
  5. Boozer
    Boozer balancing
  6. Fritt
    Fritt playing

at Riverside Veterinary Hospital

Schedule Your Dog's Swim
got water?
Using the natural properties of water, we can create a low-impact workout that provides improved muscle strength and tone, while working the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, without the impact of exercise on land and the associated damage it may cause.
Our Services
  1. Wally FitPaws Rehabilitation Riverside Veterinary Hospital Dog Canine
    Conditioning & Rehab
    Conditioning and rehab are great ways to help shorten your dog's recovery and improve his overall health. Whether for surgical rehab or sports conditioning, we will tailor a program specific to your dog's needs.
  2. Weight Loss
    Weight Loss
    One minute of swimming equals four minutes of running! Benefiting from buoyancy and warmth of the water, your plump pup with easily shed those extra pounds!
  3. Recreation
    Swimming is a lot of fun! It's great exercise and dogs love it! Fun Swims are a great way to wear your dog out!
and MORE!
We have so much fun working out with our patients! These are some of our favorite memories!
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